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  • Last date for Abstract submission: 08/02/2018 ****** Last date for Registration: 01/03/2018



The conference is an initiative to provide a common platform for researchers working in the field of semiconductor Materials and Devices to enhance knowledge base and upgrade ideas for its advancement. This International conference on Advanced
Semiconductor Materials and Devices [ICASMD-2018] will showcase the latest research trends, achievements and applications of semiconductor based materials and devices. Plenary and Invited talks will be delivered by leading experts from India and abroad. The deliberations of the conference shall be focused on the following subtopics.

  • Semiconductor crystal growth
  • Polysilicon for photovoltaic applications
  • Wide Bandgap Semiconductors (Nitrides, Carbides and Oxides)
  • Semiconductor materials and Devices , Optoelectronics, Sensors
  • Silicon Vs SiC, GaN based power devices
  • Epitaxy / Thin Films
  • SiC Single crystals and fibres
  • CdTe materials and devices
  • Emerging technologies
  • InGaAs technology for high resolution Radar, Imaging and Communication